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    Want to start your business but need advice and guidance before you jump into the world of being your own boss? Come to Cupcakes & Conversation and learn everything you need to know! Register today, bring a sister, friend or coworker for FREE!
  • TKBF 2013

    The Convocation’s History: As we approach a new place in history and await the soon return of our Lord, it is yet incumbent upon the Church to offer and support holistic ministry that focuses on both the internal development of the church as well as the external commitment of the church to its community. With this in mind and recognizing that many Pastors, ministries and church leaders often return from conferences still searching, Dr. David M. Copeland, through God inspired vision, established the Taking the Kingdom by Force Conference (TKBF).

    Stay tuned for an up and coming design and marketing round table discussion to help other designers and developers sharpen their tools. We want to help you put a ding in the universe! +TSW

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GRAND RAPIDS ELLINGTON ACADEMY About Everyone has a talent. GREAAT's purpose is to unleash such talent through the power of the arts. THE ARTS INSPIRE OUR MINDS. AND OUR IMAGINATIONS. Mission Our mission at Ellington Academy is to use the arts to unleash the academic potential within each child. We view the arts and technology as the touchstone to individual and educational accomplishment. And through art and technology, it is our intent to promote discovery over dictation, and imagination over inflexibility. Description Ellington Academy will cultivate students to become multi-dimensional learners and creative thinkers, academically prepared to confidently compete in a global society. To foster the success of each child, we incorporate learning designs based on individual student needs. Our international community of world-renowned arts partnerships and teaching artists provide a framework for students to grow and develop, while acquiring the unique and valuable academic acumen that crosses borders. And in a world becoming increasingly globalized, our international communities, experiential learning, and mentorship through global partnerships and teaching artists are the economic currencies that will pay dividends in each child’s future successes. GREAAT.COM
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  • ATL

    A place where art is born, created, and developed! If you are looking to be inspired, ATL is one of the many city's you will need to visit!
  • D.C.

    Our nation's capital possesses some of the world's most prized artifacts! This is the metling pot of our great nation and displays the diversity of our nation on any givn day! D.C. is a place you want to visit for some the best multicultural experiences!

    Don't SLEEP on us! We are one beautiful place to visit & live! The organic nature is all the inpiration you will ever need. We are a tangible canvas that bleeds diversity every single day! Come SEE us!